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H2 Hubs: the key to a future powered by clean hydrogen...

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Recovery Act appropriates $8,000,000,000 for the formation of at least four “clean hydrogen hubs” (CHH) across the United States.

Clean hydrogen hubs are regions where various users of hydrogen across industrial, transport and energy markets are co-located. ... Hubs also facilitate opportunities for sectors to innovate and collaborate, while developing the workforce and skills needed to support a future hydrogen industry.

Clean Hydrogen: Hydrogen produced with a carbon intensity less than or equal to 2 kg of CO2 per kg of hydrogen produced.

Key CHH Requirements under the Act

Feedstock Diversity: At least one hub must demonstrate the production of clean hydrogen from fossil fuels, one from renewable energy, and one from nuclear energy.

End Use Diversity: At least one hub must demonstrate the end-use of clean hydrogen in the electric power generation sector, one in the industrial sector, one in the residential and commercial heating sector, and one in the transportation sector

Two hubs must be located in regions of the country that possess the greatest natural gas resources

Priority will be given to hubs that are likely to create opportunities for skilled training and long-term employment to the greatest number of residents of the region.

Department of Energy will issue FOA by May 15, 2022, grants will be awarded by Nov. 2022. Recipients will have five years to complete work.

Click on the icon to view/download/share a PDF of the Ohio Clean Hydrogen Hub PowerPoint presentation.


Elements of a Clean Hydrogen Hub

Hydrogen Hub infographic
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